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Verify your NFT collection to build its social utility

You can:

  • Empower holders to create videos with their NFTs  in the real world using AR.

  • Activate communities in a Pokémon GO-like experience to unlock geofenced NFTs using FlickMap.

  • Tie IRL utilities to NFT traits redeemable by holders (physical & digital products, events access, +more).

  • Build the speculative value of your collection using FlickPlay’s social data points (likes, comments, views).

  • Bring attention to your collection from videos created and pinned on the FlickPlay Map.

  • Leverage FlickPlay’s unlock & camera features to launch interactive POAPs.

Your holders can:

  • Create videos with their NFTs in AR.

  • Share videos with their NFTs across social platforms.

  • Build the social ranking of their NFTs through engagement (likes, comment, & views) their videos receive.

  • Claim IRL utilities tied to the NFT’s traits.

To verify your NFT collection,
fill out the following
Are the NFTs animated?
Are the NFTs 2D or 3D?
If the NFT collection is 3D, please select which accepted file format it is in
If the NFT collection is 2D, please select which accepted file format it is in

Form submitted successfully!

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